The Series

The best of the best from the GrandMasters of the music business, the Producers’ Series at GrandMaster Production Music.

Launched in 2008 by Sir George Martin and Mark Ross, with it’s first titles produced by some of the greatest producing icons of all time, GrandMaster Music made an explosive entry into the world of production music.  GrandMaster Music  (GMM) takes the Producers who have been behind the scenes but in the forefront of production for decades and launches them into the spotlight.  Free to do what they do better than anyone in the world, these GrandMasters are showcasing their own talent with unmistakable roots in the best of the classics, mixed with the sonic clarity of the new millennium.

With first releases by legends Hugh Padgham, Terry Date, and Sir George Martin himself, GMM lays out a full spectrum of titles exquisitely produced, engineered, and mixed by the best in the business.  From Padgham’s pop rock, to Date’s driving rock, to Sir George’s retro Mersey Beat sound, GMM raises the bar for production music in today’s media.

Distributed by Extreme Music, the unequivocal A-level option for production music.  Your expectations will be met, and blown into the next decade.